FOR2599Project 8

Control of high-affinity IgE responses to animal venoms by skin innate type 2 immunity

Axel Roers, Institute for Immunology, Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus, TU Dresden

Rolf Jessberger, Institute for Physiological Chemistry, Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus, TU Dresden

Skin is a barrier tissue that is the site of induction of important type 2 immune responses. Defects of the barrier function result in stress responses inducing local innate type 2 immunity that has the potential to cause a systemic adaptive type 2 bias and thereby not only atopic dermatitis but also allergy and asthma. Skin is also the tissue first exposed to a wide spectrum of animal venoms upon stings or bites which induce a local type 2 immune response and robust IgE responses that can provide protection or cause allergy.

We address how skin tissue mounts type 2 responses upon exposure to animal venoms through stings or bites of insects or reptiles. We hypothesize that the immediate tissue response to the venom and subsequent activation of dermal and LN type 2 cells instruct amounts and affinity of the anti-venom IgE produced and thereby determine a beneficial or potentially fatal outcome.

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