FOR2599Associated Research Group Mayer

Research Interests of the DC Biology Lab Marburg

We are interested in the role of antigen presenting cells in the skin in health and disease.

We have recently characterized the developmental requirements and functional role of a skin-specific population of dermal dendritic cells, which can be identifed by their low expression of CD11b and develop in response to homestatic levels of IL-13 in healthy skin (Mayer et. al., 2021).

We now aim to characterize the functional role of CD11b-low DC2 and other skin dendritic cells in health and disease using both pre-clinical models and patient samples. We plan to deploy high-dimensional single cell technologies (like spectral flow cytometry, scRNAseq, scATACseq and spatial transcriptomics), as well as in vivo, in vitro and in situ tools to address how skin dendritic cells drive or dampen local and systemic immune responses and can be used as therapeutic targets for autoimmune and allergic diseases and cancer.

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